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  Thrust Areas

Theme-1: Environment, Energy and Engineering Strategies for Sustainability (E3S).

Department of Biotechnology Engineering(Stream coordinator: Dr. Vidya S. M, Professor, 9845388773)

1. Environmental Remediation.
2. Biofuels/Bioenergy.
3. Bioinformatics
4. Nanotechnology
5. Fermentation Technology

Department of Civil Engineering(Stream Coordinators:Dr. Mithun B M- 9241119004; Mr. Shaik Kabeer Ahamed-9482106506

1. Construction Technology
2. Structural Engineering
3. Water resources Engineering
4. Environmental Engineering
5. Transportation Engineering
6. Geotechnical Engineering
7. RS and GIS applications.

Department of Mechanical Engineering(Stream Coordinator: Dr. Narasimha Marakala, Professor, 9945771735)

1. Alternative fuel technology
2. Alternative refrigerants and systems
3. Automotive engineering
5. Composites and smart material
6. Computational fluid dynamics
7. Condition monitoring and maintenance management
8. Energy management
9. Engine technology
10.Heat transfer and fluid flow systems
11.Micromachining and MEMS
12.Modern Manufacturing Technology
13.Recent advances in machining
14.Robotics and Advanced Automation in Manufacturing
15.Surface Metrology
16.Sustainable Energy Technology

Department of Physics(Stream Coordinator: Mrs. Shobha R. Prabhu, Asst. Prof. 9900782877)

1. Semiconductor devices
2. Nonlinear optics & Photonic materials
3. Thin films and nanotechnology
4. Radiation - matter interaction
5. Materials characterization
6. Superconductivity
7. Crystal growth and characterization
8. Polymers, glasses and ceramics
9. Bio-materials
10.Magnetism and Spintronics
11.Graphene & Novel Materials

Department of Chemistry(Stream Coordinator: Dr. Aarti S. Bhat; 9448871222)

1. Synthetic organic green Chemistry
2. Nanolayer coatings and corrosion Inhibition
3. Nano materials and polymer composites

Department of Mathematics(Stream Coordinator: Dr. Snakaran)

1. Graph Theory
2. Lattice theory
3. Ring theory

Department of Humanities(Stream Coordinator: Prof. Ramakrishna)

1. Sustainability and development

Theme-2: Environment, Energy and Engineering Strategies for Sustainability (E3S).

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering(Stream Coordinator: Mr. Mahaveera K, 9880370386)

1. Communication:
. Advanced Modulation Techniques
. Channel Coding
. Microwave and Optical Communication
. Multimedia Communication
. OFDM and Multicarrier System
. Remote Sensing and Satellite Communication
. Wireless Communication
. Wireless and Cellular Networks
2. Signal Processing
. Array Signal Processing
. Biomedical Signal Processing
. Digital Speech Processing
. Adaptive Signal Processing
. Compressed Sensing
. Statistical Signal Processing
. Image/Video Processing
3. VLSI & Embedded Systems
. Micro controllers and Embedded Systems
. Analog and Digital VLSI Technologies
. Low power VLSI Design
. Robotics

Department of Information Science engineering(Stream Coordinator: Mr.Vasudeva Pai Mob No- 9986434076). Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Stream Coordinators: Dr. Aravinda C.V, 9742260265; Mr. Vijay Murari, 9480056739)

1.Algorithms and Theory
2.Architectures, Compilers, and Embedded Systems
3.Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
4.Big Data Analytics
5.Cloud Computing
6.Database Systems
7.Data Mining
8.Data Science
9.Pattern Recognition
10.High Performance Computing
11.Image Processing
12.Multimedia Computing
13.Computer Vision
14.Internet of Things
15.Machine Learning
16.Networks, Distributed Systems, and Security
17.Programming Languages
18.Software Engineering
19.Theoretical Computer Science
20.Web Services
21.Wireless networks
22.Cryptography and Network Security

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering(Stream Coordinators: Prof. Mahabaleshwara Sharma, 9448672558; Mr.Dinesh Shetty, 9886511381; Mr. Naveen. J, 9449281620)

1. Control Systems.
2. Digital Signal Processing
3. Fuzzy Logic / Neural networks
4. High voltage/FACTS.
5. Industrial Drives
7. Micro controllers and Embedded Systems
8. Power Electronics and drives
9. Transportation Engineering.
10.Power, Energy, generation and transmission
11.Control of electrical system.
12.Power, Instrumentation and Control systems
14. Power quality, Energy Engineering.
15. Renewable Energy.
16. Analog and Digital VLSI Technologies.

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